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Don't know to track physicals, so I'm guessing around ~1100 BRL on physical PS4 games (I've got 13 games I think)

According to my email I've bought only 5 Switch games this year, 672 BRL

On Playstation store 1616 BRL, from 23 purchases, some of them were from more than 1 game (ex, Kingdom Hearts collection more than 10 games). Some of them were DLC, or expansion packs

On Steam 583 BRL from 21 purchases (some of them with more than one game, I'm guessing around 40 games counting the ones I've bought as gifts)

Nintendo Switch online membership 100 BRL, PS Plus membership 130 BRL I think

~4200 BRL ~= 662 euros

Edit: This is far more than I was anticipating, I'm depressed now. I've spent over a month wage just with games this year