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src said:
leo-j said:

I disagree. They are in a great position with the game content sure, BUT what’s the point if the games launch with no hardware to sell? This is where Microsoft’s gamepass strategy has been genius. Forza is the biggest nextgen game by a landslide with over 10 million downloads because of gamepass. AAA games like Ratchet and Demons Souls barely scratched a million due to stock issues and limitations of platform availability.  Xbox series S is going to sell ps5 2:1 in December just wait and see. The numbers on the major retailers are showing excess series s stock and it’s not just gathering dust it’s selling rapidly , on amazon selling faster than the switch OLED is. Mass market price for an easily available nexgen Xbox with halo invite, forza, and the 3rd parties. Sony launched nothing this holiday season. Deathloop, which is a Microsoft first studio game. And there’s no point, there isn’t any stock. This situation is hurting PlayStation , the fact you can’t sell ps4 or ps5 while Microsoft easily sells Xbox series and Nintendo with switch. This will have an affect on the generation. 

Downloads/player numbers are not copies sold, so you're wrong again. Like I said, MS biggest IP Halo, got handily OUTSOLD by TLOU, Spiderman, UC, God of War, even Horizon. There's no coming back from that.

PS5 is selling 2x Xbox so you're wrong for the third time.

And a final laugh, PS5 is expected 23M next FY, making it the best selling year in Playstation history in only its 2nd full year.

True, but s streaming and downloads are kind of the future? Look at the music industry, no one really just buys copies of music, they subscribe and download and stream hundreds of songs. This has taken over the engagement, Microsoft is simply following an easy biz strategy. And quite frankly gamepass has gained major traction. According to vgc Xbox is at 10-11 million while ps5 is at 15 - 16 million. And they are selling almost the same amount t right now WW. And it’s looking likely that Xbox will take December like they took November from PlayStation in the biggest gaming market. Don’t be surprised with easily available series s and switch stock if ps5 stays around that 400-500k number it’s been doing all year almost, and Xbox breaks a million in the US.