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src said:
leo-j said:

Really? BecUse according to actual accurate data PlayStation is selling abysmal numbers in Japan, the Us, and Spain to say the absolute least. Are we dealing with a situation where they are only sending stock to the UK? Because it fell under Xbox and switch in the US dramatically in November. And there are no PS4 ‘s being made either. 

PS5 was beating PS4 in Japan till recently when there are further stock issues. Sony's global FY expectations put them ahead of PS4, so unless there has been a sudden stock problem, PS5 is simply being shipped globally.

leo-j said:

Let me just say the generational divide in the US between preferences of PS over XB is not as dramatic as it is in Europe or Japan. The 360 era happened, and the choice of platform could move back to Xbox. Xbox series s being readily available, and Microsoft doing pre order gamepass bundles with series X is putting them ahead in sales this holiday season. And it’s looking like with a considerable gap.

Very unlikely. Playstation is simply in a much stronger position. Games like TLOU, Spiderman, UC, God of War, even Horizon outsold Xbox's biggest IP, Halo in the US. Such a thing was unthinkable during the 360 era.

In recent years, the PS4:XB1 gap in the US has been growing not shrinking.Once stock arrives, I think you'll see PS5 easily pull ahead. After all its selling twice as much on second hand sites while having a $100 premium.

I disagree. They are in a great position with the game content sure, BUT what’s the point if the games launch with no hardware to sell? This is where Microsoft’s gamepass strategy has been genius. Forza is the biggest nextgen game by a landslide with over 10 million downloads because of gamepass. AAA games like Ratchet and Demons Souls barely scratched a million due to stock issues and limitations of platform availability.  Xbox series S is going to sell ps5 2:1 in December just wait and see. The numbers on the major retailers are showing excess series s stock and it’s not just gathering dust it’s selling rapidly , on amazon selling faster than the switch OLED is. Mass market price for an easily available nexgen Xbox with halo invite, forza, and the 3rd parties. Sony launched nothing this holiday season. Deathloop, which is a Microsoft first studio game. And there’s no point, there isn’t any stock. This situation is hurting PlayStation , the fact you can’t sell ps4 or ps5 while Microsoft easily sells Xbox series and Nintendo with switch. This will have an affect on the generation.