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Ryuu96 said:

Wondering how many stories will be set on Zeta Halo, the entire 10 year plan? Lol.

Just a thought, with Zeta Halo doing a jump which means nobody knows where it is, surely the next step for the UNSC/Swords of Sanghelios will be to retake The Ark? I'm assuming The Ark will show the location of Zeta Halo? Which could tie things up nicely, Halo Wars 3 I doubt is happening anymore and there's awesome characters in that series that deserve to be in mainline.

It has been 6 months since Cortana lost, she also seemed to have lost control of the Guardians once she was locked down, whether that means they shutdown or went on a rampage, I don't know, if they shutdown it gives UNSC/Arbiter 6 months at minimum to regroup their forces and then there's literally no canonical reason why they shouldn't be heading straight to The Ark, Lol.

Which then brings Spirit of Fire into the story, The Banished shouldn't be too much of an issue unless Atriox left his strongest force at The Ark, they can use The Ark to find Zeta Halo and head there with an army which makes me think if Arbiter/Blue Team do return in Infinite then it will be a storyline that will be years away sadly cause that would be the ultimate battle, I think the smaller scale stuff of Locke/Palmer/Halsey/Lasky will come first and of course, fighting The Endless on Zeta Halo.

Infinity also has a sister ship in development called Eternity, I imagine we will see that too, Lol. So yeah, I don't think we will see Blue Team/Arbiter for a long time, Arbiter at least is definitely not coming alone. Without the Ark, I don't see how they find Zeta Halo, it literally jumped outside the Milky Way if that Reddit post is accurate.

I want a playable Arbiter expansion.

I don't think you should expect any expansion that has you play someone other than Chief any time soon. I could be wrong, but I imagine with all the talk about how much content was cut from Infinite, because the team had all these ambitions they couldn't execute on in a timely manner, I have to believe that they'll be looking to get some of that cut content back in over time. Obviously some of it may have to be re-structured, or re-imagined in some way if it was originally meant to tie into various points of the story we've already played, but if they've got assets, plotlines, voice performances, etc. lying around that are already fairly fleshed out to some degree, it's easy to imagine that they'll wanna tap into that for quicker turn around.

We know they wanted to go back to Halo's roots with this game, including being very Chief centric, and so I have my doubts that we'll be seeing something like an Arbiter campaign for quite some time.