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I finished it the other day. Gave the game an 85 / 100. Not as good as Halo 4 or 2, especially on the story front. Wasn't a bad story, just is going in directions I don't want. I like The Weapon as a character, I just wish the original Cortana wasn't dead. After 4 I really wanted Chief and her to be able to ride off into the sunset, but instead the good Cortana died, a part of her lived to become crazy evil, and now we are back with a child-like Cortana who doesn't have that same romantic connection to the Chief. There was a movie I watched years ago where a guy and girl were in love until an accident happened and they split up due to memory loss.

Just researched it, called the Vow. Was so depressing watching most of it, also just read the real life couple that inspired it got divorced after 25 years. So depressing. Anyway, Halo Infinite having a Cortana present that doesn't love the Chief is rubbing salt in the wound of romantics like me and just makes the game depressing. The one dude getting emotional and having melt downs didn't help either.