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RolStoppable said:
PAOerfulone said:

Obviously the final total will be higher, this is just projections based on the weekly average. As a way to give us an idea/ball park of where it'll finish. 

I wonder why you didn't realize why this whole exercise would be pointless. The results on their own should have made it clear that the methodology for these projections are rubbish. What good does the weekly average do when it's well established that December sales are significantly bigger than almost every month in the year with the exception of November which can at least compete when it comes to sales of PS and Xbox consoles.

For example, your Switch projection for Japan gave you 5.1m, but the first of four weeks of December sales (Famitsu) already brought the YTD to 5.0m.

I could understand this if it was a "just for fun, let's do something that is obviously wrong and see which results we get", but when you say it was supposed to give an idea for the ballpark where the consoles would end up at, then this is no better than the final quarter of the year starting with September.+

*shakes fist because PAOerfulone is doing better in the NFL prediction league*

Who says it can't be both. I realized about midway through that they were way off. But I still did it anyway to see how it would turn out.

*Git gud, Rol*