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With 4 weeks to go, it's projection time!

But with a different kind of take. Instead of comparing the sales point of last year to its final yearly totals, I'm going to be taking the average weekly baseline of the Worldwide totals to see what the final worldwide projection is. Then, I am going to see what how the percentages of the worldwide total is broken up into the 4 regions. Finally, apply those percentages to the projected worldwide total and that should give us a rough estimate of the projected regional totals.

I'll use the PS4 as an example:


Current PS4 Worldwide Total: 2,087,666

PS4 Weekly Average: 43,493.04167

Percentages: US - 27.20248354%; Europe - 53.22992279%; Japan - 4.09663232%; ROTW - 15.47096135%


Projected Final PS4 Worldwide Total: 2,261,638

Projected Final PS4 US Total: 615,222

Projected Final PS4 Europe Total: 1,203,868

Projected Final PS4 Japan Total: 92,651

Projected Final PS4 ROTW Total: 349,897