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Xbox Series:
Microsoft's pair of next gen systems were adjusted down by around 200k worldwide. Despite this, it is still well on pace to surpass the Xbox One's first year totals. In fact, it has already done so in Europe, Japan, and the Rest of the World! The US looks like it could come down to the last week. But with the massive advantage it will have in the other 3 regions, it should finish comfortably ahead in the Worldwide totals as well. So a big win for Microsoft in this regard.

PlayStation 5:
...Yikes. It would seem that out of the Big Three, Sony is the one who has been hit the worst by the shortages. Doing just over 400k, which doesn't even top the week before Black Friday of LAST YEAR. There's a strong chance that when the next numbers come in, it'll fall behind the PS4's 2014 totals, making the PS5's final 4 weeks an uphill battle. Where it will in all likelihood fall short. Even with the shortages in mind, this is a pretty disappointing result for the PS5 in my opinion. This tells me that Sony themselves wasn't expecting the PS5 to match the PS4 in its first year. Even with Microsoft being effected by the shortages, they still expected the Xbox Series to perform better than the Xbox One, and thus far, that has been the case. Not exactly an ideal position for the PS5 to be in. It will still be ahead of the Xbox Series overall. But Microsoft is definitely closing the gap.