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Ryuu96 said:
Angelus said:

Yes, like I said, it's a nitpick. Chief's actions are understandable, given who he is. Still, there's just a part of me that thinks know humanity has been having it ROUGH for a hot damn's a constant fight for survival on all fronts....and you're the one who's gotta rise to meet it all....don't you wanna try just a little harder to maybe not add a whole ass new species to the list? Are you not battle weary out here? 

Tbf, Chief wouldn't know what to do with himself without an enemy to fight lol, but in that moment I was just like damn Chief...use your words!

I think the same could be applied to the Lesser Monitor created after Despondent Pyre's death too, Chief almost instantly runs on the assumption that these Monitors will turn bad cause Guilty Spark did, Lol. He gets into frankly, unnecessary fights, with Adjutant Resolution and I was thinking, can't we just tell the dude that Harbinger killed Pyre and we can't repair Zeta Halo cause they want to use it for some bad shit.

At the end, Adjutant apologises to us and I sorta think, shouldn't we apologise to him too?

I think I accepted this more because Chief has had such terrible experiences with Guilty Spark. He's done the whole dance of a monitor being on your side...for like 5 minutes...having it turn on you...later being friendly again....for like 5 minutes...then killing your friend in front of you. There's lived bad experiences there, and it's reasonable I think for Chief to be like "fuck these just kill em so they can't get in my way later."

With the Harbinger/the Endless, they're a complete unknown.