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Ryuu96 said:
Angelus said:

Also, not gonna lie, I got like super pumped at the end of the last mission, when everything started collapsing and shit. I was like "hell yea, time for another badass Halo escape sequence! Quick teleport to somewhere with a Warthog, and then a nice joyride to epic music while everything breaks around me!" But alas...they didn't wanna go for the good ol' cliche lol

It is disappointing, Warthog Run OST is in the game but there's no actual Warthog Run...Suppose they didn't want to blow up the Ring since you're still on it but the Ring is in fragments so they could have blown up that specific part, or maybe even do an on-foot escape sequence using the grapple hook? Idk.

Angelus said:

Also also, while I'm nitpicking...

I feel like Chief was a little too quick to start beefing with the Harbinger. I mean, fair enough, she was working with the Banished, not a great starting point, and she armor locks you when you first meet. Instinct says shoot first ask questions later.......BUUUUUUUT we are talking about first contact with a new alien species, and she was TALKING to you. And she said she's not your enemy. So...would it kill you to like...ask a few questions at least...? Before going all trigger happy? Maybe just get a baseline understanding of wtf this new thing's motivations are for working with the Banished?

Yeah, I think that could be said as a flaw in Chief's character though, it's as he says in the game, fighting is all he knows, he doesn't ask questions, he sees a threat and eliminates it, that's how UNSC have raised him, I think Harbinger f*cked up by armour locking him cause at that point he likely saw her as a threat needing to be put down.

And in fairness, he doesn't actually shoot at her once in that scene, he chases after her on foot and then attempts a dive onto her, Idk what would have happened if he caught her though, Lol. He might also be having flashbacks to the last time he met a new species (Didact/Forerunner) who ended up lobbing him into a wall, Lmao.

But I do sorta think that too, maybe he should have tried to speak with her? Cause The Endless as it stands right now seem to be originally victims, I mean, not right now, they're working with The Banished who are evil but they're definitely victims in the context of Forerunners and being imprisoned for no ethical reason, who knows, could he have convinced Harbinger to work with Humanity instead of The Banished if he tried speaking to her? Maybe...

Yes, like I said, it's a nitpick. Chief's actions are understandable, given who he is. Still, there's just a part of me that thinks know humanity has been having it ROUGH for a hot damn's a constant fight for survival on all fronts....and you're the one who's gotta rise to meet it all....don't you wanna try just a little harder to maybe not add a whole ass new species to the list? Are you not battle weary out here? 

Tbf, Chief wouldn't know what to do with himself without an enemy to fight lol, but in that moment I was just like damn Chief...use your words!