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Ryuu96 said:

Going back to one of my main disappointments in the story, the lack of character development for Tovarus, Hyperius and Jega, I don't know how Tovarus/Hyperius ended up with less character development than the Brute at the start, Lol. It irked me a little, especially with them being hyped up as Spartan Killers, Jega had a little more but not nearly enough, I wanted them to explore further that friendship between Jega and Escharum as it's rare for Brutes and Elites to be friends.

I think, to expand upon this criticism, it was a failing of the game to not actually make you feel more like you're being hunted. The game makes a point of TELLING you that you're hunted. That the hand of Atriox is coming for you. But this doesn't really materialize all that much in a gameplay sense. 

What SHOULD have happened, is random attacks on you while you're moving around the open world. Like you're out doing whatever, and then suddenly a few dropships move in on you and assault you with troops while the HoA bosses taunt you with insults from the air, or one of those "big guns" boss brutes drop pods down in your face for an impromptu showdown (and then like if you just get him half health he fucks off again or something). Just like I was saying earlier with the other targets. Create more "moments" with these characters. I never felt hunted in this game. I was the hunter.