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Ryuu96 said:
Angelus said:

One thing I would like for them to do in the future, if/when they add new biomes to play in, is to create more smaller story moments with the optional targets/mini-bosses. Maybe, instead of fighting like 15 different ones or whatever, that we only ever encounter the one time, and then it's done, you have us face them over multiple different locations, with some short cutscenes and/or dialogue throughout the fights, and then they flee (or otherwise get bailed out) once or twice before you have an ultimate showdown with them at the last spot. That way you could get a more personal connection with these targets, and their story can be more than just some text in the database, and a few remarks from new Cortana.

Please do that with a Grunt, Lol.

Trash talks you at every battle, runs away and trash talks you over the radio, tells his allies that he beat Master Chief.

That would be gold lol