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Ryuu96 said:
Angelus said:

Ah ok, I hadn't seen the legendary ending yet, but I suppose that does make the time manipulation pretty clear then.

Forerunners are definitely pretty shady, to say the least. 

The artifact logs do also go into the fact that what the Forerunners feared most, perhaps, was not so much necessarily the flood, as the loss of control. Basically, they liked being top dog, and couldn't stand the thought of ever not being that. It's an interesting angle on them. The flood were always a very obvious sort of threat that makes for an easy excuse to come up with something as radical as the Halo rings as a "solution," but would the Forerunners in fact be willing to do terrible things on a similar type of galactic scale to a species that isn't neatly in the black/white lines of good/bad? Seems that they would.

Edit: And I know the Forerunners have done other shady things before, but a lot of it tend to come back to the excuse of the flood, and it's much more interesting imo to move their motivations beyond that.

Grand Edict: "Time will forget they ever existed"

Despondant Pyre: "Time is not a construct we can control"

Grand Edict: "And we cannot allow it to be theirs"

And then he says "We will learn their secrets" so it seems the main purpose to locking them up was because they want to learn their time manipulation secrets which, once again, points towards the Forerunners being utter bastards, Lol.

But I still wonder how strong they really are, I mean, Harbinger didn't do anything crazy to Chief apart from teleport everywhere so just how strong are their abilities? Their biggest threat seems to be being immune to Halo which is enough to be a scary threat. Time stuff is always tricky to get right so I hope 343 know what they're doing, Lol.

Ahh, I didn't see it from that perspective regarding the logs but that makes sense, The Forerunners are massive control freaks, so it's not that The Endless are more dangerous than The Flood but Forerunners being the control freaks they are, know that The Endless could screw up all their future plans and become the top dog of the Galaxy, that makes a lot more sense and I like that.

Yeah, Forerunners have done a lot of shady stuff, like killing their creators, Lol and indirectly causing the creation of The Flood.

Makes ya wonder, nobody truly knows what happened between Forerunners and Precursors and who was in the wrong, do The Endless know?

Well, the Harbinger, ultimately was just one Endless. We know too little about them to say they aren't a big threat beyond their knowledge of time manipulation (whatever that entails EXACTLY). Perhaps they're not truly dangerous individually, but massively so as a whole. Or perhaps the Harbinger just represents a very minor example of an endless. Are they even one race? Or are they another faction/collection of races working as one? It's all incredibly vague at this point. 343 could take it in a number of different directions.