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VersusEvil said:

The scene were The Weapon realises who she is was so well done. Quite a few scenes where pretty moving. And yeah ... My mind went blank before hitting send, ofc you can kill the Endless as I just did lmao. Unless, we just killed a copy of her :P .. Im really intrigued to know why they're referred to as the Endless and it's implications. On a side note I found a few of those doors that look like the ones a monitor usually opens dotted at random spots around the world, wonder if they where cut "dungeons" of some sort.

Yea, that scene was great. The reveal was of course an obvious one, so for it to still be such an impactful scene really shows how much love and care went into writing.

Just generally, I had warm fuzzy feelings the whole time playing this game.

Definitely gonna miss old Cortana too...I might have sobbed a little lol. She had to go, of course, but many good times. Chief and Cortana is fam.