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Mnementh said:

As nobody guessed Graveyard Keeper, now nobody shares the lead on my guesses with Machina with 6 entries, Darashiva and The_Liquid_Laser follow with 5 each:

#22: Draw the map of the dungeon you find in a high school yourself. Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser.

#21: Silver haired maiden. Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser.

#20: Marry to get children you can send into fights to the permadeath. Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser.

#19: The second adventure of Ashley Mizuki Robbins. This time on Wii and again as the outing on the DS the new controls are used in puzzles. Which does for the Wiimote means pointer function, not so much waggling. The studio that made this game made some other great adventures as well, sadly they did go bankrupt just before the resurgence of adventures happened. Guessed by drbunnig.

#18: Ask me about Loom.

18.  The Secret of Monkey Island.