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Mnementh said:

I was a bit lazy the last few days with hints, so now multiple games at once:

#26: "Хорошо! Я буду работать на тeбя, проклятый капиталист!"

#25: You're eaten by a Grue! Return to this place in graphics this time.

#24: The ship you're imprisoned on get's attacked by Githyanki.

#23: Pay a donkey carrots to get more corpses.

#22: Draw the map of the dungeon you find in a high school yourself.

26.  I have no idea what that is saying, so I'm going to guess Red Alert.

25.  Return to Zork

24.  Definitely a D&D game.  Planescape: Torment?

22.  Persona Q?

Eric2048 said:

#34 This was the third game in this platformer  series. Which wouldn't see a new entry until 2013.

#33 In this game the main character is killed off at the beginning.

#32 This game has a special mechanic that let's you turn back time.

#31 This game is the start of a new trilogy after the originals on PS2.

#30 This PS1 platformer was the first in it's series. It had a stronger focus on platforming than it's sequels.

34.  Super Mario Bros 3?

33.  I'd love to say Final Fantasy 1, but I think it's more likely that you mean The Last of Us 2?

32.  Braid?

31.  GTA 4?

30.  Klonoa?