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Jumpin said:

Both games will be the highest selling in their category (Legend of Zelda and 3D Mario). While Zelda is certainly the more groundbreaking of the two - and I would even argue the more widely appealing, it is up against the latest flagship title of the best selling and most well known video game character in history.

Well, my interests were clearly in favour of Zelda. I felt it had the tools to beat Mario. But I didn't commit to saying Breath of the Wild would certainly beat Mario.

I definitely wanted Breath of the Wild to win, as I don't really like Odyssey that much :D

It's not that I hate Odyssey, I just found it lacked the same sort of magic as the Galaxy games. I did find Breath of the Wild to be a very magical experience. So, if anything, I had a personal enjoyment bias toward Breath of the Wild.

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