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green_sky said:

No more budget segment. Pay to play.

Guys, are there are any APU's equivalent to Series X/PS5. What kind of power are they packing. Someone was asking me what is cpu/gpu equivalent of these new consoles or APU.

5700G is like the best APU you can get for gaming, and you're going to get basically ps4 level performance on that (in terms of GPU power). There's no powerful APU available for the PC market, much to my disappointment.

Even modern AMD APU's for PC are still built on old tech (5700g is Vega GPU architecture I believe), though rumoured that the next generation of APU's will switch to RDNA2 so maybe there's some hope. But still I wouldn't expect to even reach Series S levels of GPU performance.

I'd love if someone would make a powerful gaming APU I could build a tiny PC with.

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