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I enjoy my PS5 even though I probably spend more time on the Series X. I will say this holiday all my game purchases have been on the PS5. I currently enjoy the controller just as much as the Xbox controller which is a first for me since I never liked any of the PS controllers until now. I cannot fault any of the games I have played so far from Returnal, Miles, playroom. I purchased Deathloop because it was cheap, including Guardians of the Galaxy which is a excellent game. Also purchased 1TB ssd because they were on sale. The PS5 is a all around solid, well built console definitely worth my money. I will say out of the series x and PS5, the PS5 is definitely the noisiest. I never hear anything from the Series X and if I did not look specifically for it would not know it was under my TV while the PS5 is always making disc noises. Not really that bad but noticeable.

On another note, I purchased Tales of Arise and Guardian of the Galaxy for the PS5 instead of the Series X because of Sony controller.  I would never have done this back in the PS4 or PS2 days but I really like the feel and solid design not to mention the haptic feedback is on point.  Even the speaker is used in a cool way in Guardians at points.