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Darashiva said:
GoOnKid said:

38 - After a trilogy of events with one certain spiky haired protagonist in a blue suit, here comes the follow up with a new protagonist.

HINT: It's a point and click adventure.

HINT 2: It has a lot to do with law and justice.

33 - A, B and C travel in their ship D and try to survive after a crash.

HINT: The planet is called PNF-404.

32 - For the first time in the series the protagonist does not throw eggs anymore, but something else instead.

31 - Ths sci-fi racer came in two variations, one home console edition and one arcade edition.

30 - This is the beginning of a (yet unfinished) trilogy which serves as the prequel to two rather cult classic first-person shooters.

38: Ace Attorney 4 or 5 I suppose. Apollo Justice or Miles Edgeworth.

31: F-Zero GX

38: Apollo Justice is correct!

31: Correct!

Kakadu18 said:
GoOnKid said:

Who else throws eggs?

I have no idea.

If it was Yoshi, which game could it be then?