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SvennoJ said:

It's because of all those ps5 sitting with scalpers! It's just a tiny percentage, but I do know of one person sitting on 5 ps5s waiting for the holiday desperation to set in. The dad of one of my kid's friends is apparently a scalper. He won't let his kid play on it, keeps them for selling on. It does apparently happen.

Into the holidays with 0 consoles available on the shelves. No Switch, No XBox, No PS5. Oh wait, Series S Fortnite bundle is back, available in stores here, choice of 1.

The Switch gets more stock than the PS5 and Series X. It’s not that hard to find. Yeah you can’t find one instantly like the Series S but quite a few stores have em in stock. The GameStop and Walmart I visited the other day had The Lite and Standard Switch on stock and it was available online at Walmart just a few days ago.