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Thanks guys :) I'm pretty excited, a bit anxious too cos my last relationship was a nightmare but there's no sign so far of this one being as perilous so it's just bad associations I'll have to learn to un-learn. So far it's been wonderful. She even had amazing taste in games haha.

trunkswd said:
curl-6 said:

It's official; after 7 long years of being hopelessly single, I am single no longer. 

I asked the lady I've been seeing to be my girlfriend, she said yes.

I was worried that asking on the 4th date was moving too fast, and I got conflicting advice from friends, but in the end I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. She is amazing and I am over the moon.

Dating before asking someone out? I did it differently. I was friends with my girlfriend for a couple of years before one of our mutual friends was like "soooo what is going on with you two? You like her, don't you?" Funny thing is at the time I didn't think of her as more than a friend. But we've been together for two and a half years now. Although been stuck apart due to the pandemic. I live in New York and she lives in the UK.

I'm autistic so my grasp of social protocol is about as good as my grasp of Elvish haha, I have no idea what the normal way to become someone's partner is. I know how it feels to be separated though; me and this girl actually talked for over 2 months after meeting on a dating app before we could meet for the first time in person as our city was in an extended lockdown. Hope you can see your girlfriend soon man.

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