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#38 - Halo: Combat Evolved - PC

Halo is cool. I went on a binge of 1-3 last year, and it was a blast, I really should have played these games much sooner, and the trilogy and Reach is something that I feel I will always look back at very fondly. Combat Evolved is definitely my favorite of the bunch, there is only one really questionable level, but nothing game breaking, other than that the game is back to back a set of well paced scenarios, with appropiate lenght, a lot of cool gameplay opportunities, one might call that very improvisational gameplay, the music score is incredible, the story is a nice, epic sci-fi tale, the art direction and atmosphere of the original game is still great and holds up. Halo is just awesome, and the vehicles are cool.

The * is that I could realistically put 2, 3, and Reach a bit after Combat Evolved in a ranking, cool set of games, buy the Master Chief Collection.

#37 - Undertale - PC / Nintendo Switch

Idk what else to say about Undertale, and I don't feel like copy pasting what I wrote in previous years, but is still pretty excellent.

All caught up.