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Machina said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

Alright bringin in some new hints

40) Unusual to this series and JRPGs in general, the MC of this game can wield not one but three weapon types

Hint 3: The series in question is Tales of

Hint 4: I doubt more than a few people on here have played this, so I'll give the biggest hint I can: It has 2 in the title

35) The Japanese and NA boxart(s) feature the protagonist. The European ones, an infamous enemy in the game.

Hint 2: GoOnKid was close

34) Too zolt

33) You spent much of this game in a preposterously tall tower.

#40 - Tales of Destiny 2?

#33 - Could this be Pandora's Tower? I remember @Torillian reviewing it back in the day, so I know that features a very tall tower that you work your way up iirc.

40) Not the right one no, but it doesn't leave many options left!

33) Not it either

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