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Updated Japan comparisons with the new Famitsu numbers (Week ending 21st November 2021). Graphs can be seen in the OP.

PS5 is still ahead of the PS4 in Japan launch aligned, but unless the stock situation is miraculously cleared next week it will fall behind, PS4 outsold the PS5 10:1 this week. PS4 sales were so high for a February week due to the release of Dragon Quest Heroes, which sold 265k units on PS4 in this week.

Console Total Sales Week 53 Sales
PS3 1,390,127 47,011
PS5 1,177,245 4,307
PS4 1,159,897 46,973

PlayStation 3 Week 54 = November 17th 2007
PlayStation 4 Week 54 = February 28th 2015
PlayStation 5 Week 54 = November 21st 2021

Xbox 360 continues to run away with it, it's worth noting that 360 is in December meaning it's expected it will have higher sales yet I don't see the Xbox Series getting anywhere close to the 360's 2006 holiday sales in Japan.

Console Total Sales Week 54 Sales
Xbox 360 248,231 18,735
Xbox Series X/S 122,137 3,422
Xbox One 56,900 149

Xbox 360 Week 54 = December 16th 2006
Xbox One Week 54 = September 12th 2015
Xbox Series Week 54 = November 21st 2021

With the help of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Switch takes a big 100k chunk out of the DS's lead with a fantastic week of sales, but again worth noting we are comparing November numbers for Switch against August numbers for DS so the difference is amplified by this.

Console Total Sales Week 247 Sales
Nintendo DS 27,483,775 65,313
Nintendo Switch 22,026,770 167,778
Nintendo 3DS 19,387,504 28,593

Nintendo DS Week 247 = August 23rd 2009
Nintendo 3DS Week 247 = November 15th 2015
Nintendo Switch Week 247 = November 21st 2021

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