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trunkswd said:
zorg1000 said:

Yep, next year is looking like a really good year for 1st/2nd party titles.

Pokemon Legends, Splatoon 3 & Breath of the Wild 2 should all do 10+ million

Kirby Forgotten Land & Mario Rabbids 2 should do a few million each

Triangle Strategy, Advance Wars & Bayonetta 3 could each hit 1 million.

I doubt we will see another revision next year but we could possibly see a price cut next fall, maybe Lite-$149.99 and OLED-$299.99 with the original model being phased out.

I expect sales to be down but we could see another 20+ million year.

If there were a price drop I wouldn't expect Lite to drop to $149.99. More likely a tiny drop to $179.99 or $169.99. Either OG Switch dropped $249.99 or it gets phased out. While OLED as you said would drop to $299.99.

Yeah that could just be wishful thinking on my part, I want to get each of my kids their own Lite but would like them to be as cheap as possible lol

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