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Dulfite said:
shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, people are pissed on Waypoint and I assume the reddit is the same. I have also seen lots of Youtubers making videos criticizing the greed of the event. 343 needs to get their monetization model in check asap, they are going to lose alot of people if they don't.

For starters, store pricing needs to be lowered, today we have $18 for an armor set and stance, $13 for a daisho sword set and some emblems, $9 for a gun color/barrel attachment/shuriken ornament/nameplate background bundle, and $6 for an armor color and some shoulder pads. You can buy whole ass AAA games in the current Xbox Black Friday sale for less than some of these Halo cosmetic bundles. We should never be paying more than maybe $8 for any cosmetic bundle in the store.

Then they need to add some free way to get store credits, like maybe 5-10 credits per daily challenge and 15-25 per weekly challenge depending on the difficulty of the weekly. 

Then they need to do a rethink on the whole weekly challenges thing with needing to do all weeklies to get free cosmetics, as the weeklies are currently forcing playstyles on people that they don't like, that will drive people away real quick. Weeklies should feel like an optional thing to progress faster, not a chore that forces you to play Halo like 25 hours in a week to unlock a cosmetic.

They are cosmetics, not essential. You can unlock free cosmetics by playing for free. No one is forcing you to buy those paid ones. They probably base pricing on what MMOs do with their cosmetic stores. If you can't afford then don't buy. If enough don't buy they will lower their prices, simple as that.

I continue to think the same thing.  All these cosmetics stuff is always priced high at first so that when they go on sale it seems more reasonable.  Why even care at this point, once the game release from Beta, MS will have all those nice little special sales if you truly want to throw your money away on this gunk.  I know I probably am in the minority but I cannot remember once ever caring about purchasing this stuff, what keeps me playing any MP is the MP, not any of this cosmetic items I get bored with after using it for a few moments.