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thismeintiel said:

Ever hear of a citizen's arrest? If I see someone committing a crime, it is legal for me to detain them til the authorities get there. If he fires upon me, he would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon if I survived or murder if I died. There is no self-defense for people breaking the law in the first place.
Oh, that's not what you are implying? Yet, you seem to be in Kyle's case. Even though, he was very responsible with his gun, as I stated. And his only decision was to protect his community, which he had the right to do. Further enforced by the ruling of the jury.
No, this is not Nazi Germany. The people are the authority. We give the government the authority to protect us, our property, and our community. When they are told not to by a political hack in charge, we can take that authority in our own hands. That is our right and the law. That is why people hoped he would lose because it may put that right into jeopardy. However, it just reinforced it.

So let me make sure I understand your logic here.  As long as I believe you are committing a crime, I have the right to pull my gun out on you and make a citizen arrest.  So the person you pull your gun on does not have the right of self defense because your right of citizen arrest outweighs my self defense rights. You better check those citizen arrest laws you seem to put a lot of trust in because I can assure you, if you pull your gun on someone just because you believe they are committing a crime and they shoot and kill you, they will walk.  You do not have total authority to do as you please and any citizen arrest comes with huge risk including you just getting killed.

Depending on the state depends on what you can actually do.  Most does not support you pulling out a gun on that person.  The reason I made the analogy of a simple misdemeanor because the actual crime that is happening does make a difference.  Maybe you should take the time to research the topic before answering. Deadly force is not a requirement to any citizen arrest and most states do not support it.  Only the police has the option which is why you have police.  I really do not believe you thought this through and threw out some BS.  

Maybe you need to go back and read what I have wrote.  You are so narrowed focus on defending everything Kyle did that night all you can see is trying to find a way to support his actions.  His actions was just as reckless and stupid as the people chasing someone who is armed.  He came out the killer as I stated, but he could have easily been the victim.  

You seem to believe you have more authority then you actually have.  If you are protecting your property then you are on your property.  Everyone has the right to protect themselves and once you pull your gun out the rules of engagement change, now everyone has a self defense right.

You are right about one thing.  The next time, everyone will be on equal playing field and everyone will use self defense if both parties have a gun.  Lethal force will be approved for everyone and the stone cold killer will rule the day.  He had a gun in his hands and I feared for my life and shot him.