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Zippy6 said:
SvennoJ said:

Switch is now also getting hit with shortages, sold out here, can't get the OLED model and the old model is not listed anymore.

Switch (Not OLED) and Series S still readily available in the UK. To be expected in Europe I guess. PS5/XSX obviously remain continually out of stock forever.

Amazon UK has a pretty great blackfriday sale on Switch atm and it's still in stock for anyone that wants it.

Switch + Mario Kart 8 + 3 Months NSO + Just Dance 2022 for only £285 lol, or Switch + a 3rd party wired gamepad for £267. Both in stock delivered within 3 days.

Readily available here on for CAD 689... (406 pounds excl tax). I think not.
Series S also not on Amazon but there is a fortnite bundle releasing on the 30th for CAD 380. They kept some back for BF.