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thismeintiel said:
Machiavellian said:

So are you saying that anyone walking around in your neighborhood with their gun in their hand does not present a clear and present danger.  As a gun owner, I would never just walk around with my gun in my hand unless I mean to use it.  Gun on your back, Gun holstered means you are just carrying.  Gun in your hand with no one knowing your intent says, I am looking for action.  Kyle did not have to start anything, he needed to have his gun not in his hands walking around like he is in some video game.  What you do not understand, is that Kyle was lucky, he ran up on the right people because you can believe there would be people who would not hesitate to pull that trigger.  He also got lucky when he ran up on the right police because also with gun in hand, they could easily have recognize him as a threat and dropped him.  Anyone of the rioters could have claim self defense if he pointed his gun at anyone, anytime during this incident.

If Kyle was smart he would have left when he saw any rioting and alerted the cops.  It just so happen this time he was the killer, he might not be so lucky the next time. 

You talking about you have the right but this does not prove anything beyond that everyone will have the same right.  Whoever shoots first gets to go home.  I can assure you if something jumps again and Kyle believing he is in call of duty walks around with his gun in his hands looking for action, he might be the one getting his head shot off when up against someone who will not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Yea, I can see you didn't watch the trial. Kyle did have it on his back for most of the day. It wasn't until shit started going down that he took it off his back. He also never did point his gun til threatened. 

And go to the cops? You mean the ones who weren't doing shit and letting the community burn. Probably told to stand down or do the minimal. Of course, if the cops shot a bunch of violent rioters, you'd be bitching, too.

Hilarious that you're on a video game board pushing that supposed Right-wing puritan belief that video games cause people to be violent. If anything, Kyle was incredibly disciplined with that gun. 100% of the people who didn't attack Kyle are still alive. Hell, a lot of the people who got in some cheap shots are alive, too.

Again, sorry, not sorry, it didn't go your way and we actually have the right to defend ourselves, our property, and our community.

Here is a scenario for you.  Lets say you are out and about like Kyle and you see someone break a window of a store.  You with your trusty gun point it at that person and they turn around and shot you.  Would the person who shot you be able to claim self defense.

The point is that you are not a police officer so your ability to point your gun at anyone unless they are directly attacking you goes out the window.  Once you point your gun, then the terms of engagement changes and its whoever shoots first wins the day.

Nothing make me smile more than when someone just totally do not understand context. I have no clue what the heck you are talking about that I am pushing that games make people violent.  Since it probably escaped you since you are very much so keen to not see the slight humor of walking around with your gun in your hand like Call of Duty which mind you is a game where you walk around with your gun always in your hand.

Also you have no clue on "My Way" because if I was Rittenhouse, I would have shot everyone as well because at that point he is getting attacked.  My point is that his decisions as well as the attackers lead to this situation and if he came up against the wrong people he would have been dead.

Even your reply says you would do the same stupid thing believing you are in the right because as you say, the Police was not doing anything but the police is the authority.  You going out to protect some property that isn't even yours and wind up dead, maimed or paralyzed for life, you would be thinking to yourself if not 6 feet under, why did I not just say home.