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Eagle367 said:

Progressive Left Baby. I am a libertarian socialist so it should at least say that.

Interesting! I had you pegged as more the "outsider left" type actually, which is like how I used to be.

I grew up in a very conservative, religious, restrictive, and frankly abusive family and community environment and, from a fairly young age, wanted to rebel against that to the absolute maximum extent possible. For most of my teen years and adult life, to that end, I considered myself an anarcha-communist (though I did have a brief stint in the orbit of Maoist Third Worldism in part from a perspective of loving the only somewhat organized chaos of the Chinese cultural revolution...yeah my head wasn't on straight). I didn't want to identify with any political party and favored being as fiercely independent as possible. These days de facto expulsion from most left wing spaces has calmed me down and driven me toward what I think is a more sober worldview, but I think I'm still a pretty independent person. (I never have understood cancel culture ever or liked it. Like I said, I grew up in a fairly narcissistic family environment where I got nitpicked and graded absolutely to death and to that end cannot stand experiencing that same type of psychological abuse in politics. I hate political correctness.)

Anyway, I had you pegged as maybe a similar person. Still, progressive left ain't a far distance from that exactly; just more specifically partisan (which is the only thing that surprises me about your result ).

Ryuu96 said:

UK - Progressive Left.

I'm a Labour supporter in UK, I liked Corbyn's Labour more than Starmer's but it is what it is, I'm with Zkup on the Dem party but if I lived in America I would always vote for them over Republicans.

That surprises me a lot! For whatever reason, I'd thought of you as a standard neoliberal type; liberal or libertarian on social issues, but probably more pro-business on the economy. Had no idea we were of similar economic views! Prolly 'cause I don't see you talking about economic policies very much, which is a tendency my brain associates with the more pro-business liberals.

In UK politics, I like the Scottish National Party. I used to like Corbyn too, but man he made such a mess of the Brexit issue.

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