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Zkuq said:

Some of the questions were quite difficult to answer as a non-American, as I feel like I lack the knowledge required to be able those questions properly. Anyway, I ended up in the Democratic Mainstays group. I suppose the short description provided by the site matches my views fairly well, but then again, the description is fairly broad so no wonder. Also, I'm not 'generally positive about the Democratic Party', although it is by far the lesser evil of the two in the US in my mind.

I can imagine some of them would be tough to finesse out without living here! Just thought it might be interesting to see where people elsewhere in particular would land in our political spectrum though. And hey, looks like we're fairly similar in our thinking!

(Are sunglasses still cool? Is the word "cool" still cool? I dunno know, prolly not, but I'm almost 40 so that's what you're getting.)