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I want my big budget games and MS is yet to release one. This halo seems like the lowest budget Halo to grace a console. Maybe this is an indication of things to come for Gamepass.

I buy my consoles for big budget spectacles that are fun to play and at the moment the only place to get them is on the PlayStation.

Older games and older AAA games I can get on PSNow and PS+ and the best thing is PS+ is for keeps and miles ahead of Games with Gold.

Everyone needs to address something, not just Sony. It is inevitable that PS5 games will come to PSNow. It's not a matter of if but when. However, when will Microsoft address the lack of AAA games that do well? Yes they bought Bethesda to play catch-up, EoS and FO are games which come out once every 10 years. The other games still need to prove themselves.

Sony on the other hand is finally hitting that Nintendo level where their games are starting sell big numbers.

More than doing what gamepass does, Sony needs to start rolling out PSNow onto TVs as an app with Dual Sense support.