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Zippy6 said:

Probably, digital ratio is rising every year. Doubt we'll see any games sell 10m physical after 2030. Physical ratio will be either too low or physical won't exist on the newest systems at all.

Makes sense in platforms like Micro's (my plan is to buy an Xbox SeX and get Gamepass), but I would never stop buying Nintendo games physically if I have the option. Kind of hard to believe so many people would stop buying in this format in such a short amount of time. Not saying it won't happen, it most likely will, but still can't grasp it. 

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first.