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Chazore said:
eva01beserk said:

I get what you mean and sort of agree. But at the end your trying to fight what genre of games the most people love. Even if you change the media outlets they would just gravitate to whats most popular cuz that what makes them money. Its like streamers going after the most popular games. How many of them say openly they hate COD but play it anyways? They know its what people want and makes them money. 

I know, but I just can't help but see this as being insanely mundane and predictable, to a point where I've gotta hand it to the bean counters working for the publishers/investors, these people are regarded as whales that net them such money, and well, I guess they have a point in seeing them as that (much as I hate that name).

I openly hate CoD and stopped playing it, same with R* games, but that's because I chose to stick to what I said I disliked and instead play other games instead. Remember the MW2 boycott years ago?, yeah those people lacked anything of a spine.

I still see streamers out there making something for themselves, without having to go to the most played games (I watch a streamer who literally just plays old Resi games and modded Resi Outbreak, and he gets tons of donations and even gets to collab with RE Remake and OG voice actors, which is something rare).

Pretty much what im thinking. They become coorporatized. And this is also coming from someone that my favourite genres are the ones that usually win. But knowing the games that win from a mile away just makes the awards seems meaningless. 

Im honestly probably just tune in for what ever reveals might happen . 

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