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zero129 said:
Chazore said:

Soon as I heard that LaD was going to be turn based, I got put off the series, but then Judgement showed up and I was like "cool, now I gotta wait for the PC port".

Then a bunch of retarded monkeys at the VA Talent agency decided to get involved with shit they know little about, and well, now we're here, and I hope we get something action based and not what LaD is doing. 

If its the Judgment team working on the new IP 100% i bet it will be an Action based Yakuza spin off. Sega know the is many fans who still enjoy that style of combat and both games in the series can easy exist.

Now imo what Sega should do with Judgment is get anew Actor that they can put anywhere they want and replace the original actor for PC release, Id imagine modders would add the original actor back in and this would be a great way to fuck over that talent agency.

I dunno, because when LaD was announced as turn based, fans were overjoyed, then when it came out it sold rather well, to the point where Sega decided that part of the franchise will be TB going forward, so one could assume that is the new tried and true go-to design template for their next game.

I'm jaded with how TB has become more popular these days, so I'm not really one to look at the optimistic mindset that their next game will be purely action based (no TB, no card system etc). 

As much as Sega does release their games for and by PC, I don't see them making a special "just for you" Judgement version for PC, because that would require hiring a new actor, redoing the entire game with a new model and motion capture/lip syncing, and that won't be cheap (re-releasing that version on consoles wouldn't make much sense either, since the OG version was fine as it was, it's just the agency being a bunch of dicks). 

The only games Sega seems to go out of their way for on PC are titles like Two Point Hospital, which has a smaller budget and minimal changes that cost far less than what Judgement would require. 

Last edited by Chazore - on 18 November 2021

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