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twintail said:
leo-j said:

The tide is turning. I am seeing record high sales for Xbox , record high engagement for Xbox, and record high tweets about Xbox. The gamepass strategy is working, and what a phenomenal one two punch was the release of Forza and Halo Infinite . All day one on gamepass. 

I think you're being a little hyperbolic here: Sony has record high sales/ engagement too, and I think most would agree that they're doing it at higher levels than what MS is currently achieving. Data for hardware sales, from Amphere, suggests that PS5's are selling at double the rate of the XSX family. 

People want PS5's. And they're also clearly buying games even when Sony has yet to actually release it's big IP's. 

Gamepass is a massive success for MS, and I'm sure Sony would eventually like a piece of that pie. But it's also more difficult for Sony, since they don't own the server architecture that MS does, and they'd also need to get PS5 hardware into these servers to get PS5 games running on PS Now (but I guess there is always the PC versions of some of their games). pre-PS5, Sony were making more aggressive moves for PS Now, but the pandemic and semi-conductor shortages we've been experiencing for well over a year now has clearly impacted their PS Now goals. 

But while gamepass is offering a lot of value (calling 'he Medium or a poor GTA SA remaster 'high budget' is disingenuous), Sony is offering high-profile exclusives (timed or not). 

Anyhow, is momentum shifting? Probably not, and I think it's a little premature to say it is. We'd definitely need to see how the next year goes to get a clearly picture on how Sony's and MS's strategies are working out in relation to one another. 

I disagree . Ps5 is falling behind ps4 in numbers. While Xbox is selling record numbers. It’s actually pacing way better than the Xbox 360.