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Sony don't need to do anything. They seem to have a good balance of adding decent games on PS+ which are for keep compared to what you get on games with Gold, and releasing decent amount of games on PSNow.

The PC sales seem to be doing fine and this is before releasing juggernauts like GOW and Uncharted.

Bethesda is great, and I will miss Doom, but Bethesda do glitchy games with average graphics and gameplay. They do one thing well which is dialogue options and content, but even then, it's not great. Witcher is a great fix as are games like Mass Effect.

Halo is a big IP and the free MP has gone down well. I can see Sony doing this with some of their games.

Sony just needs to stay adding PS5 games to PSNow. It's a year old now. Adding games like Little Big Adventure, Godfall can't hurt their bottom line that much.