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Pretty mid year in retrospect, but was to be anticipated since it's the year that will be affected by the covid delays the most. Feel like Metroid Dread has a pretty good chance of winning GoTY. It wouldn't in a strong year but against these i feel like it could win.

It's a beloved franchise that has been giving sh*t for years and i feel like that could make the balance tilt in it's favor since in quality and critical acclaim is pretty much on par with the other games.
R&C was really impressive and loved, but i didn't see much people online saying this was their Goty compared to Dread.
RE : Village was pretty big so i think it's Dread's biggest competition.
Deathloop kinda felt short in hype soon after the release so i doubt this will win. I would've put Forza instead.
Psychonauts is kinda niche and particular, could be an upset.
It takes two, don't know much about this game and looks interesting so could take it aswell.

My ranking in chances :

Metroid Dread / Resident Evil VIII
Psychonauts 2
It takes two
Ratchet and Clank