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curl-6 said:

Star Wars: A New Hope - Leia's ship flying overhead, engaged in a furious firefight, followed by the gargantuan star destroyer that just keeps coming is still awe inspiring 55 years later.

Saving Private Ryan - The Omaha beach assault remains one of the most brilliantly intense and harrowing sequences ever committed to film.

Apocalypse Now - The living hell of the Vietnam war seen through the lens of a fever dream as This Is The End sets the tone perfectly.

Trainspotting - A barrage of pitch black wit and kinetic energy that catapults the viewer headfirst into the brilliant sage to follow.

I'm sure it'll still be awe inspiring in 2032 but Star Wars is 44 years old not 55.

Last edited by TruckOSaurus - on 17 November 2021

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