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Dulfite said:
eva01beserk said:

Never expected it for the first year. But I really think a lot "good" is enough to be exited for a first year even if nothing "great". Last gen we had nothing "great" and only a couple of "good" like ine from each console. Wonderfull start I say. 

By last gen do you mean Wii U/3ds/vita/PS4/Xbox One? If so, you didn't think Spider-Man, Mario Kart 8, Zelda Botw (was a Wii U game originally before Switch was rushed out) were great? I'm sure there were at least some great games.

But yes, I do think this generation is starting off better. Took Switch a while to work through the Wii U Potts, but since then has produced some absolutely fantastic games and PS5/Series XS seem to be off to a great start as well.

Its easy to not think of Nintendo when thinking of a gen. But I guess I meant a last gen as 2014. First year of playstation 4 and xbox1. I wad comparing both first year not the full gen to the first year of this one. Would make no sense to do so. 

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