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yo33331 said:

Yep, you are right, I agree.

If PS5 was in full stock everywhere I think it could reach 20M for this year alone.

I see this type of argument a lot, and I don't really understand what the logic is behind it. Demand definitely seems to be high right now, but it's difficult to judge true demand since it's notably limited. In addition, the limited availability of the product could be driving sales higher than they normally would be. Historically there hasn't been a single console that has ever sold 20 million in their first year, and even at the PS4's sales height (when it was definitely widely available and had a very large game library and several huge releases) it just barely crossed that mark, and it did so exactly once. 

Consoles (if they are successful, anyway) always sell the least in both the initial years and their last years on the market, essentially creating a bell curve. I don't see why this tendency would change for the PS5 even if it were widely available. Unless you think 20M would be one of their weakest years sales wise for the PS5.