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Chris Hu said:
burninmylight said:

It's as if receivers are highly dependent on their QBs, and great QBs make average receivers look good and good receivers look great.

Even before Brady became a starter Troy Brown's numbers where trending up he caught 83 passes for 944 yard in the 2000 season when Brady only attempted three passes and was one of three for six yards.  The Ravens receiving core is below average to bad even Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana or Dan Marino at their prime could not elevate that group of receivers much more then Lamar Jackson.  That being said Lamar Jackson is actually having his best season when it comes to passing the ball his touchdown to interception ratio could be a bit better and his completion percentage could be slightly better also.

Not very often that I can say that I agree with everything you said. Don't know what might fuel someone else to claim Lamar Jackson is a bad QB (not to mention the unwarranted comment about black QBs).