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Robert_Downey_Jr. said:

Poor ps5 will fall behind its predecessor due to supply constraints. Hopefully the demand stays high!

The shipment forecast for PS5 hasn't been changed yet, they're still planning to ship 22.6m by March 2022 last we heard, compared to 22.3m by March 2015 for PS4. So it's possible stock starts ramping up soon so PS5 can stay ahead, but to be honest I'm not expecting them to meet that 22.6m target, I don't think they'll be able to produce enough, so yeah PS5 might fall behind.

If they had the stock PS5 would easily stay ahead, it's sold more than PS4 and is still sold-out everywhere while PS4 was readily available by this time. Demand for PS5 is much stronger than PS4's was.

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