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Mnementh said:

Last chance for #47:

#47: Turn based battles with knights, mages, thieves, elves or merfolk. The game is in continuous development since 2005 and by now has 17 official campaigns (and lots of usermade ones). Fight as the Heir to the Throne, in a Tale of two Brothers or find The Hammer of Thursagan. This open source game can be downloaded without any cost. This hexfield strategy game isn't based on D&D, but creates it's own magical fantasy world.

#46: A Nintendo console also getting this iconic game - but it is a complete new game. The name of this game from the 90s includes a part of the name of the console. Shoot monsters from Hell. I messed up the hint a little and was kinda misleading, but Kakadu18 found it out anyways.

#45: After you seemingly died in your sleep, you find that you can return to your own world through a mirror after first finding the sun, moon and the stars. Darashiva used the chance for the easy score.

#44: Sally tries to find Emily in this Nightmare. The arcade level actually has a machine with a previous title from the same developer.

#43: This game all about collecting, crafting and building actually is a spin-off in one of the oldest RPG franchises.

43 - Dragon Quest Builders. Which I need to get around to playing.