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mjk45 said:
Zippy6 said:

According to "Bloomberg Sources" because of component and logistics constraints Sony have had to reduce their planned production of 16m PS5 units this fiscal year to 15m units this fiscal year.

They're shipment forecast for the fiscal year has been 14.8m and they haven't adjusted this figure yet. Though with a production target of 15m that makes shipping 14.8m challenging.

Issues continue to affect hardware manufacturing and shipping for everyone.

Sony Cuts PlayStation 5 Production on Chips Shortage - Bloomberg

 When did Sony increase the figure to 16 million for FY 2021 I cannot find any official source for that 16 million figure ?

The 16m is a reported production target, not shipments. Neither the 16m or 15m production figure are official from Sony, Bloomberg sources only. 14.8m shipment forecast is an official figure.

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