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Dulfite said:
Kakadu18 said:

Hollow Knight sold 2.8mil as of February 2019. Dread should definitely at least come close to this.

Sure, I'm just saying, I'd be more impressed by Dread selling 0.8 million on Switch alone than I would Hollow Knight selling 4 million across many devices over multiple generations.

Hollow Knight = An indie game from three developers from Australia that nobody knew before Hollow Knight, was made by crowdfunding and become popular only because of the world of mouth

Metroid = The 8th instalment of an IP from one of the worlds biggest game publishers that probably got more marketing and advertising on its first weak than Hollow Knight on its lifetime

I strongly advice you to review your assertions because those games weren't even remotely in the same ground when it comes to sales potential when they were released. Hollow Knight is already among the best selling indie games of all time, Metroid Dread is likely to miss the top 20 best selling Switch games