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Signalstar said:

So the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S launched about a year ago in the middle of the pandemic. Both consoles remain sold out. Xbox sales are ahead of Xbox One sales while PS5 shipments are slightly behind those of the PS4 last time we got an update.

I have tried to buy a PS5 yet and I don't plan to for a bit longer. Even from the sidelines it seems like such a boring start to the gen for me. Nearly the entire library of both systems is available on their predecessors. We haven't seen any major new IPs launch either.

 It also looks like the crossgen release patter will continue for some time.

The PS5 has a few true exclusive next gen experiences like Bloodborne remake, Astro, Returnal, Ratchet, Destruction All Stars. Xbox got the Flight Simulator port.

Truth is I've never been less excited for new consoles since I've been gaming.

Honestly PS5 and Xbox Series owners, what have been the gaming highlights for you?

I feel that referenced against other launch years the PS5 is pretty good .

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot