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SvennoJ said:
DonFerrari said:

Yep, my two problems at the moment with DS is that I can't use it on PS4 and the battery is tooks a lot less to be zeroed.

And my real concern is seeing that Sony already got class lawsuit because of the analogues so it is quite possible mine will be bad not to long in use.

But yes I liked the control and with promotions I was able to get it for a reasonable price and since I have kids yes 2 controls is kinda minimal I need.

My main annoyance is that they all use different cables, mini USB, micro USB, USB-C. USB-C looks promising so far, DS3 and DS4 both have problems with the charge port getting 'loose' over time. It's just the move controllers I need mini USB for now, since both DS4 and DS5 work on ps3.

You might consider something like this:

those little nubs (dongle) fit in the micro usb port and have two connection points in them for charging.  You just leave them in all the time and there is no wear and tear on the port when you charge them.  Just make sure you find one with the dongle, most of the chargers in that style just have a male version of the port built in and the wear and tear with those is worse than with a cable due to seating them at an angle or pulling them off at an angle.

Last edited by The_Yoda - on 10 November 2021