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Kyuu said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

It helps to link to the actual posts that you are referring to.  Most of these things some "kind of" like things I said, but the details are off.  For example, I've been saying for a long time that Switch will be the best selling system of all time.  I've said that it would get lots of third party games.  I've said that it would dominate the Japanese software charts, and that even Switch third party games would dominate the Japanese charts over Playstation third party games.  I've said these things in a variety of ways in a variety of threads.  If you have a specific post you are referring to, then I'd need a link to discuss it.

You know memory can be a funny thing.  Your mind may have unconsciously changed what I said, when my predictions started coming right.  That is why it is better to just link to the post.

I'm not perfect though.  Here is a post I made that Zippy6 linked to.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

I voted 10-11.9m. No way is PS5 selling better than PS4. I can't believe how many people actually think this will happen. Some things to consider:

1. $500 price tag
2. Looming recession
3. PS5 has much tougher competition than PS4 from both Nintendo and Microsoft.
4. Launch data is basically irrelevant. Even the Wii U sold well when it launched.

Looks like my prediction is going to be wrong for PS5 2021.  It hasn't changed my view on how PS5 is going to sell lifetime though.

The last time I brought a year old post here, the thread became a warzone. Can you imagine what happens if I quoted things you said years ago and put it on an irrelevant thread? :P

I found the thread where you DOOMED PS5 in a series of posts. Minor correction: It was from 2018, not late 2017. So "starting from next year" was your reference to 2019 and not 2018. I stand corrected but the point still stands, we're entering 2022 and there are no signs of Switch's 3rd party improvement being anywhere near a "threat" to Playstation systems which continue to get a ton of notable Japanese games skipping Nintendo hardware, and the number should logically rise as we exit CrossGen. 3DS/Vita stuff and sports games surprise no one and are a non-threat.

If you don't see PS5 being threatened in Japan, then you aren't paying attention.  Switch games have dominated the Famitsu top 30 all year, both 1st party and 3rd party.  PS5 games, on the other hand, fall off the chart after the 2nd week.  

Most Japanese games now get a version on the Switch and a fair amount are Switch exclusive.  Each year this is going to trend even more in the Switch's favor, because third party companies are not going to want to make games for a system where they will lose a ton of money.  The player base in Japan is all on the Switch, and they have little reason to get a PS5.  The games end up going where the player base is.

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